Our Products
  1. Peaches
    Just in time for your summer bar-b-que's we will have freestone peaches on opening day. Come see us Late June through July to get your peaches while you can!
  2. Local Honey
    Local Honey
    Not to brag but we've been told our honey is the best around! A spoonful a day may just help your allergies, that's what we do!
  3. Apples
    Whether you like a crisp sweet red apple or a tart green one, we are sure to have something to please everyone.
  4. Cider
    Our non-alcoholic cider is perfect over a glass of ice on a hot summer day. Or add some rum and you'll have an instant party hit. We have Apple, Peach, Blackberry, Black Cherry and Muscadine.
  5. Preserves
    No offense to Grandma but we think these are as good as she used to make and WAY less work! Pick up your favorite and one for a friend too.
  6. Farm Fresh Brown Eggs
    Farm Fresh Brown Eggs
    Our girls are pretty good at laying eggs, but they go quick! If you are coming just for eggs, make sure you call first. Once you try these rich, bright yellow eggs you'll wonder how you ever had store bought.