Field Trips!

Give the kids a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit a real working orchard and learn all about apple farming!

During the month of September, Morning Glory Orchard hosts thousands of school-aged children for field trips. We provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a working apple orchard. The children get both an inside and outside tour. During the outside portion they get to see small baby trees less than a few years old, all the way up to 50 year old trees. We talk about bees and how essential they are in an orchard for pollination.  The kids love walking through the orchard and seeing the apples which vary in size and color. Depending on the date of the tour, the children will get to pick an apple themselves--something they won't soon forget!

During the inside portion, we show the children how an apple press works, we let them taste fresh cider along with the honey collected from our beehives. There might even be mention of Johnny Appleseed.  Afterward, you are welcome to picnic in the desginated area and enjoy the beauty of the land.

No matter the size of your school, or the age of the kids, we can tailor the tour to fit their needs. Give us a call today (or fill out the form below) and book your tour, we promise it's the only thing like it in Tennessee!

Things to Know​​
1. We are a working farm. There is dirt, mud and uneven ground. Please watch your step! 

2. Bees and other insects are present! We need them to keep our trees producing fruit. We will always take care to not get the children close to the beehives, but bees cannot be contained to a specific area. The best rule of thumb is to not make sudden movements and to remember that they are much more scared of us.

3. We can't control the weather any more than the meteorologist can predict it! While we will not go out if there is lightning present, a light rain doesn't bother us. So have the kids bring a rain jacket and we will continue your tour even in a light rain. We will make every effort to reschedule your tour if you are rained out. 

4. The apples that come off the tree do not look like the apples that have been gassed and waxed at the grocery store. There will be dirt on them. Please do not allow children to throw them on the ground in order to pick another piece of fruit. This is our business and the way we earn a living and we want all of the kids on our school tours to be able to have the opportunity to pick. 


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